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Is TinyPDF really free?
How to use TinyPDF?
What is PDF?
Do I need to install Adobe Acrobat before using TinyPDF?
Is it legal to use TinyPDF rather than Adobe Acrobat to create PDF files?
Where is the FREE PDF Merge Plug-in?
Does TinyPDF work on 64-bit Windows?
Is TinyPDF compatible with Windows 10?
Is GhostScript used by TinyPDF?
Can I set up TinyPDF as a shared printer for other computers?
Does TinyPDF support Citrix and Microsoft terminal server environment?
Can I uninstall TinyPDF? If yes, how?
Which operating systems do TinyPDF support? Windows Vista included?
Is TinyPDF FREE for commercial use?
How can I find TinyPDF help file or user's manual?
Can I use password to protect a PDF file?
Why part of the TinyPDF print driver UI is grayed out?
How can I expect more features from TinyPDF?
Can I print an image to PDF file?

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